For +9 years we provide swift, transparent offline recommerce solutions for our partners

About our company

We understand that managing carriers and warehouses is hard, expensive, and to be fair, it is not the main activity of your company.

Let us be your partner in cross-border return management and improve your bottom line profits, remove complexity without any brand risks. 

Through +9 years of reconditioning and smart-routing activities we give returned fashion products a second life, keeping products within the life cycle, that means our purchased goods have been Repaired, Resold & Reused.

REACH NEW MARKETS within weeks!

Our warehouses are located from New York to Berlin which helps you reach new offline markets in Middle East, South America, Africa. Increase revenue, reduce inventory costs and improve bottom profit margins!

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Together working on re-commerce we can extend the life of clothing for up to nine months and it would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by up to 20-30% and cut resource cost by up to 20%.


By letting us manage your returns we will connect your products to circular economy we are forming. By bundling multiple brand returns we are improving scale and scope of return management activities, which let us to minimise carbon costs of returns and develop more sustainable processes.